Support with Restructuring and Reorganisation

Many businesses find that to succeed in a challenging marketplace it is necessary to be certain that the business is structured effectively and that the organisational design is fit for purpose. Restructuring and reorganisation projects often involve changes to employment terms and conditions and it is sometimes inevitable that headcount will be reduced and that jobs will be lost. Changes of this type can result in the risk of negative reaction from employees and at worst, employment litigation. Unfortunately, this risk is elevated in Unionised working environments where there is a risk of a collective employment claim which may be commenced by the Union. I work with a wide variety of businesses from large corporates to SME’s and charitable organisations to ensure that their restructuring projects are completed with the minimum level of negative employee reaction, delay and legal risk.

Large scale strategic employment projects:

I have significant experience of advising on large-scale strategic projects and working closely with members of the Human Resources community and other Project Team members to deliver a successful outcome.

Examples of strategic projects:

  • In 2008 I advised Northern Foods plc on the closure of their Fenland Foods factory in Grantham. Despite the inevitable loss of over 700 jobs, the project completed on time, within budget and with no related employment litigation.
  • During 2010 I advised Asda Stores Ltd on the acquisition of 147 stores from Netto which involved the assimilation of a significant number of former Netto employees. Despite the significant challenges this project completed with no related employment litigation.
  • Following the acquisition of Northern Foods plc by Boparan Holdings Ltd in 2011, I advised the merged business on the “roll out” of revised terms and conditions for over 11,000 staff. This project was completed successfully.


If you are concerned about legal risks in relation to your proposed business reorganisation please do not hesitate to contact me to discuss the ways that I can support you and your team. My experience of managing legal risks in other large-scale projects means that I can swiftly supply an outline of the likely legal challenges that you may face and suggest some strategies and solutions to minimise those risks. I will work closely with your Human Resources managers to ensure that they take every opportunity to de-risk the process.


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