Social Media in the workplace

The explosion of interest in social media “blogging” over recent years, together with the widespread availability of smart phones with built-in cameras and Internet access poses particular challenges for business.

These can include:

  • Reputational damage to the business caused by unflattering social media posting.
  • Potential impact upon other employees, suppliers or clients leading to complaints and potentially discrimination claims.
  • Distribution of confidential information.
  • Disputes over the “ownership” of contact information such as client or sales databases.

In order to minimise the risks which are associated with these situations it is important to put in place a range of protective measures (for example training on appropriate personal behaviour in the workplace and confidentiality clauses together with provisions dealing with the ownership of contacts being written into employment contracts). I can help you by using my experience to outline the best range of preventative measures for your business and then to assist you to develop the necessary policies and documents.

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For one food industry client which was concerned about protecting their intellectual property in market leading new products I provided support on a combination of legal solutions to provide the best level of protection. My client commented that:

“…Carl and I worked very well together specifically on an intellectual property project to ensure that restrictive covenants were a feature of already incumbent senior/executive contracts. Carl was able to provide legal expertise whilst appreciating the very pragmatic and practical operational environment of food manufacturing…”

Catherine Davis (FCIPD) – Transformation, M&A Consultant

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