Resolving employment disputes

Sometimes working relationships break down and it becomes inevitable that there will be a parting of the ways which results in an employee leaving a business. This can be a challenging a difficult situation to manage for all parties and particularly unsettling for senior level managers or executives.

I have many years experience of advising senior executives on employment disputes and where necessary, negotiating severance deals or litigating employment claims to ensure that appropriate compensation packages are made available to support employees transition to new roles. I understand how distressing and unsettling this process can be for senior level employees and I provide a highly personalised service which offers support and guidance through this difficult process with the aim of achieving the desired outcome within a reasonable timeframe.

“Carl has a very pragmatic and reassuring style and appears to be on top of his game. He attempts to take the tension and trauma away from issues and plans everything in the detail of the game plan and the expected outcomes…”

Dr Keith Brewood, CEO of Total Food Holdings Ltd

If you require any advice or support in relation to the resolution of your employment dispute please contact me for an informal discussion Contact me

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