Drafting Employment Contracts and Policies

Having well drafted and up to date employment contracts and policies can be critical for businesses in the event of any dispute with an employee. I am frequently approached by Clients who want me to help them defend a claim brought against them by a former employee and when I ask them for a copy of the contract of employment this turns out to be inadequate or inaccurate. This situation is frustrating for all concerned and can easily be avoided by ensuring that contracts and policies are proactively reviewed and managed to keep them up to date and accurately reflecting the job of the relevant employee. Often the impact of a well drafted contract can be that an employee is dissuaded from pursuing a claim and the potential problem is stopped before it even begins.

It is sensible to undertake a regular review of your employment contracts and policies and this need not be particularly demanding or expensive. I provided exactly this type of service to my Client, the education consultants “Osborne Cawkwell” and I was able to swiftly suggest some amendments to update their contracts and provide some reassurance to their management team.

“Carl reviewed and re-drafted the employment contracts of my four employees. He worked quickly and knowledgeably, and also brought up several things that hadn’t occurred to me that I needed to consider. I would have no hesitation recommending him”

Lucy Cawkwell, MD of Osborne Cawkwell

If you require any advice or support in relation to the employment contracts or policies at your business please contact me for an informal discussion Contact me

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