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The law relating to Data Protection is becoming increasingly relevant for businesses which retain data about their customers and employees. Sophisticated modern “targeted” marketing techniques which rely on the data “harvested” from customers will lead to more businesses being subject to increased levels of regulation in respect of their use of personal data. The General Data Protection Regulation which will become law in the UK in May 2018 will create the most significant change in the data protection regime in this country for a generation and businesses which are not prepared may be exposed to concerns about regulatory action.

Many business make the mistake of failing to keep data protection policies and practices under review and face an increased level of risk of enforcement in due course when their business or the law changes. This risk can be managed effectively by a regular review of the relevant policies by a qualified and suitably experienced professional.

During 2016 I was instructed by “The School of Life” after they expanded their business to several countries including Australia, Brazil, Japan and Israel. They requested my assistance to review and develop their Data Protection and Privacy Policies to ensure that the UK business would be compliant in relation to any data which was received from their branches worldwide. I was able to use my experience of being the data controller at a large multi-national food manufacturing business to help with this review which was completed with the agreed timeframe for the fee which we agreed at the outset.

“…Carl was very thorough and provided a long consultation call with advice even prior to us appointing him for the work. We discussed through the requirements and together refined the scope of the project. All of our needs (Data Protection / Privacy Policy review) were met and clearly communicated…”

Kathryn Garden, Head of International Business Development at The School of Life

If you require any advice or support in relation to data protection issues at your business please contact me for an informal discussion Contact me

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