Human resources policies and employment contracts

Writing employment contracts and policies takes time and is technically challenging. Employment law changes every month and it is difficult for even specialist like me to stay on top of all legal developments. Weak or non-compliant contracts and policies can invite employment tribunal claims which are time-consuming, costly and stressful to defend. If a claim succeeds against your business you can face significant unbudgeted costs to cover the tribunal compensation award.

Writing human resources policies and employment contracts is a key part of my professional practice and is something that I undertake on a very regular basis. Over my career I have written a large number of policies and contracts for a wide variety of businesses and as a consequence I can use this experience to guide you so that you can achieve the most suitable policies and contracts for your particular business and ensure that you have the peace of mind that these policies and contracts will be as robust as possible if they are ever challenged in employment tribunal proceedings.

My experience of drafting these type of policies and contracts means that I will be able to advise you upon “best practice” for the type of policy or contract that you wish to prepare for your business. This will save you the time and effort of undertaking research and removes the risk that in preparing your own contract email you may inadvertently include terms which are either unusually generous or unattractive to a prospective employee.

Some clients ask me to supply them with a set of standard human resources policies together with a precedent contract that they can adapt as necessary for you starters with their business and this is a service that I am happy to provide for a fixed fee. For clients who want this type of service I supply a set of policies which have been written in simple easy to follow English and which cover all the most significant requirements of most businesses without unnecessary legal jargon together with the supporting contract. The policies have been approved for use by a leading employment law specialist barrister and you can therefore be confident that the policies will not criticised by an employment tribunal in the event of any subsequent proceedings.

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