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Having fantastic contracts of employment and human resources/staff policies is of little benefit to a business if employees and managers have not been trained in the correct use and implementation of the policies.

Some businesses get into a difficult situation when they failed to correctly implement their own policies and this usually results in a situation where the outcome is procedurally defective. This can be a significant problem if the outcome is a disciplinary sanction, particularly dismissal. In order to avoid a finding of “unfair dismissal” a business must be able to demonstrate that the procedure which was followed leading up to the decision to dismiss was fair and applied fairly and if the business cannot prove that the procedure was “fair” it is likely that an Employment Tribunal would decide that this was an “unfair dismissal”.

Sometimes even well intentioned managers can struggle to correctly implement some policies and this inevitably results in decisions which are procedurally unfair. In several cases I have been instructed in relation to cases relating to a dismissal which resulted from application of an absence management policy. These types of policies are often quite complicated in that they establish a series of “trigger points” which resulted in a situation where an employee can be dismissed for a relatively short period of absence if they have the history of repeated absences. Unfortunately I have seen several examples of these type of cases where a failure to correctly apply the absence management policy at an earlier stage in the process has rendered the subsequent decisions to be procedurally unfair and ultimately although the final hearing may have been carried out the letter of the policy, the decision to dismiss must therefore have been unfair due to the previous failures to correctly apply the policy. These type of situations can be highly frustrating for both of the clients and their advisers.

I can assist businesses to avoid these type of problems by correctly training staff to apply the human resources policies. I can design bespoke training packages to meet the needs of your business or alternatively your staff can attend one of my regular training seminars on subjects such as absence management (fit for work), embracing diversity in the workplace, active management of employee illness and data protection for human resources professionals.

Attendance upon these courses will help you achieve legal compliance by correct implementation of the relevant policies within your business and I will also provide best practice advice and “real-world” examples of the ways in which policies may be implied in your workplace. Attendees will learn how to correctly adapt and apply policies in order to get the most from their colleagues while minimising the threat of disputes or legal action against the business.

Attendance upon my training courses is an excellent and cost-effective way to manage the risk of employment law claims against your business. Attendance upon my courses is supported by invitations to attend my regular update training webinars which are delivered by me and other employment experts on a monthly basis. Invitations to these webinars are provided as part of the cost for the training and are not charged separately. Any number of employees from your business can join the webinar and can take part online without leaving your offices. As part of each webinar there is the possibility to ask questions of the expert presenter who will either deal with these at the time or provide a response after the webinar has finished.

If you have any concerns about your position, or the position of your business please contact me immediately for a confidential, free initial consultation.

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