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The General Data Protection Regulation is due for implementation in the UK in May 2018 and this will provide the most significant change in Data Protection legislation in the UK for a generation.

While the possibility of increased maximum fines up to €20m or 4% of worldwide business turnover in the preceding year have grabbed media headlines, it is likely that other changes such as the requirement for some businesses to appoint a Data Protection Officer, self reporting of Data Protection breaches and privacy impact assessments/privacy by design will be the issues which many businesses find to be more relevant and greater challenges.

Businesses will no longer be able to rely upon “implied consent” to process personal data and this will mean that many businesses will have two completely rethink their approach towards the collection and management of personal data. Any business which holds data relating to the health or financial details of employees (for example medical health information or employee bank details) will be subject to the changes which are introduced by the General Data Protection Regulation and this is likely to mean that all businesses of any significant size will need to consider how they will be effected by the change in the legislation.

The obligation requiring businesses to self-report a data breach together with the real risk of significant financial penalties should encourage businesses to begin preparation for the new legislation well in advance of May 2018 and I can help you plan a managed process to ensure compliance by the time that the new legislation takes effect.

During my career working in-house for Northern Foods plc I was the Data Controller for the business and have regularly advised upon Data Protection issues since returning to private practice. I can assist your business prepare for the implementation of the new legislation by reviewing existing policies and advising upon suitable changes to your policies and practices which may be necessary to ensure compliance with the new legislation. This will allow your business to become compliant in advance the legislation and avoid the risk of future significant fines.

If you have any concerns about your position, or the position of your business please contact me immediately for a confidential, free initial consultation.

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