Paid leave for snow days?

  What are your rights if you cannot get to work because of bad weather? You do not have an automatic right to paid time off if you are unable to get to work due to bad weather or travel … Read More

When Employee Grievances Go Bad

The BBC are today reporting ( that a disgruntled employee ran amok on a building site in Liverpool following an alleged dispute over unpaid wages. It can be an HR nightmare when an employee’s grievance goes bad. If you have … Read More

How to stay GDPR compliant when outsourcing your Whistleblowing Hotline

During the GDPR marketing meltdown in the Spring of 2018 most media attention focussed on the headline features of the new legislation. Notably the significantly increased maximum level of fines for non-compliance. It has taken a little time for attention … Read More

Equifax Faces Record Data Breach Fine

The UK Information Commissioner’s Office has announced the imposition of a fine of £500k on the consumer credit reporting agency Equifax Ltd. This follows the massive data breach at the parent company of Equifax in 2017 during which the personal … Read More

Lessons from Whitby

With the summer holidays approaching, I have been thinking about trips to the beach and given that context, media reports about the suspension and resignation of volunteer crew at the RNLI Whitby Lifeboat have caught my attention (BBC report). As a … Read More

Facebook, Cambridge Analytica and Aintree

It’s Monday morning and I don’t need a crystal ball to predict the subject of most of the questions that I will be asked this week. Cambridge Analytica recently acquired personal data on 87 million Facebook users and Facebook will … Read More

Calculating holiday pay for atypical and “gig economy” workers

Calculating holiday pay for employees used to be reasonably straightforward. Holiday pay was based upon an average of basic and contractual overtime pay, however the calculation has  become much more complicated over recent years and is now a source of … Read More

How will the demise of Employment Tribunal fees threaten your business?

Since 2013 it has been necessary for Claimants in Employment Tribunal proceedings to pay a fee to the Tribunal Service to pursue their claim. Last week the Supreme Court declared that this system of Employment Tribunal fees was unlawful because … Read More

Why do the gig economy cases matter to my business (or my employment)?

I wish I had a £5 note for every time I have heard the phrase “gig economy” over the past few months. The media seem to be fascinated with the idea that the “status” of the employment relationship between your … Read More

Fines under the General Data Protection Regulation – All Change or Position Normal?

It is now less than 12 months until the implementation of the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) in the UK and I have started to notice significant numbers of publications and press releases from various organisations which suggest that there will … Read More