Case Studies

During the course and my professional practising career I have acted on behalf of a large number of businesses of various types and sizes, together with the many individuals with a variety of different employment problems.

New clients often think that their problems are completely unique, but I often find that I have seen something similar in the past and this means that it is usually possible to reduce the amount of time and cost that is involved in developing a strong strategy to resolve the problem. This means that it is cheaper and quicker to get to a solution to your problem and you can have the reassurance of knowing that there is a good plan in place either immediately after our initial consultation or shortly afterwards.

Employment disputes in professional sport:

My experience includes advising several international coaches on contract renewals and acting on behalf of an international level professional sports coach in a dispute with his former employer, a top Aviva premiership rugby club. In that case, it was a high priority to resolve the dispute quickly and efficiently with minimum press speculation and disruption to my clients professional obligations. Fortunately I was able to agree acceptable terms at a mediation conducted in private within a few months of the High Court litigation being commenced. This provided my Client with a relatively quick and confidential solution to his dispute and a minimum of wasted time and resource on Court hearings. I often find that mediation provides a good mechanism to resolve high-profile disputes involving senior executives because it reduces the risk and the stress which is inevitable in High Court litigation and it is usually possible to conclude matters much more swiftly via mediation than it would be in Court.

Managing transgender employment claims:

I acted for a food manufacturing business which was facing a number of discrimination claims commenced by an employee who had recently undergone gender transition. My client’s problems were compounded because there had been strong reaction amongst the workforce at their production facility to a social media blog which had been published by the employee contained in some inflammatory views. We agreed a strategy to exit the employee from the business based upon a negotiated settlement, the terms of which contained a mechanism to control subsequent media comment. This ensured a successful and discrete managed exit for my client who then had the certainty that they required to plan alternative arrangements for their business.

Social Media in the workplace:

Social media issues in the workplace pose regular challenges for businesses and on one occasion I was instructed on behalf of a business whose CEO had been subject to a profane parody video which had been posted on YouTube. Rather than incur the significant legal costs of commencing injunction proceedings in California to compel removal of the video, I persuaded the operator of YouTube to remove the video due to breach of intellectual property rights. Subsequently further attempts to repost the video were also blocked which resolve the situation successfully within days of my initial instruction. This provided the client with a simple, low cost and swift solution to an annoying problem.

I have multiple recommendations from former clients and colleagues and I am happy to provide copies of these to any prospective clients who are considering instructing me.

If you have any concerns about employment problems in either your business or your work please don’t hesitate to contact me. It is likely that your problem is not as unique as you may think and I am usually able to outline a strategy to deal with the problem with minimum delay providing you with the security of knowledge that the problem is being managed towards a solution.


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